Our History

The NousCom team is lead by experienced enterpreneurs that worked together for many years in previous successful enterprises, such as Okairos, under the leadership of Prof. Riccardo Cortese, who conceived the ideas behind those companies.

The technology platform developed by Okairos is based on recombinant primates’ Adenovirus and Modified Vaccinia Virus Ankara (MVA) expressing antigens from infectious agents. Application of this technology led to novel vaccines targeting HCV, Malaria, RSV and Ebola among others. These products have been evaluated in more than 4,000 subjects of all ages including adults, newborns and elderly healthy volunteers, as well as patients suffering from chronic infectious diseases.

Building on previous experience and successes, NousCom has developed novel viral vectors, similar to the ones tested in the clinic against infectious diseases, encoding neoantigens for the treatment of cancer. Tumor neoantigens are believed to be potent immunogens with low risk of inducing autoimmunity that are detected by the immune system as “non-self” antigens, very similar to exogenous pathogens.

Our Team
Executive Team
Alfredo Nicosia, PhD
Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder

Elisa Scarselli, MD
Chief Scientific Officer and Co-founder

Stefano Colloca, MD
Chief Technical Officer and Co-founder

Antonella Folgori, PhD
Senior Director of Immunology and Co-founder

Cinzia Traboni, PhD
Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs and Co-founder

Marina Udier, PhD
Chief Operating Officer

Board of Directors
Guido Magni, MD

Dr. Joachim (JR) Rothe, PhD

Alfredo Nicosia, PhD

Genghis Lloyd-Harris Ph.D., M.D.

Scott Rocklage, PhD

Jean Paul Prieels, PhD

Gianni Gromo, MD

Vincent Brichard, MD, PhD, MBA

Key Advisors
Prof. Gabriella Campadelli
Advisor and co-founder