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Off-the-shelf neoantigen vaccine

NOUS-209 is an off-the-shelf vaccine, based on the selection of proprietary shared neoantigens, specific to Microsatelite instable (MSI) tumors. MSI tumors are caused by a defective DNA mismatch repair system. In these tumors, mutations accumulate mainly at microsatellite regions of mononucleotide repeats (MNR) as deletions of 1 nucleotide. In coding regions, these mutations result in a translational shift with the synthesis of tumor-specific neoantigens, called frameshift peptides (FSPs).

NOUS-209 has the potential to be the first neoantigen ‘off-the-shelf’ cancer vaccine tested in the clinic. Phase I/II clinical studies are expected to start in 2018.

Personalized neoantigen vaccine

NOUS-100-PV vaccine is based on the selection of patient-specific neoantigens from individual patient tumors and, as such, can be applied to any cancer indication where tumor biopsy is available. Indications like NSCLC, bladder, and HNC are currently considered for clinical development of NOUS-100-PV.

NousCom developed a robust and rapid manufacturing process (5 weeks needle-to-needle: from patient biopsy to vaccine production). This process allows for assembly of strings of up to 90 neoantigens in a single vaccine vector and the production of small quantities of personalized vaccine.

NOUS-100-PV is expected to enter clinical studies in the second half of 2018.

Targeted Herpes Virus

NOUS-THV-001 is in discovery phase. More information will be provided when it gets closer to entering clinical trials