Neoantigens-based Vaccines

These are novel non human Great Apes Adenovirus (GAd) and Modified Vaccinia Virus Ankara (MVA) vectors encoding a large set of cancer neoantigens to induce and expand cancer- and patient-specific T cells. This vaccination platform is validated in the clinic and is being exploited by NousCom for two programs: (1) an off-the shelf vaccine (NOUS-209) and (2) a personalized vaccine (NOUS-100-PV).

Targeted oncolytic virus

Oncolytic viruses have immunological properties beyond tumor cell lysis and can target tumors and kill cancer cells via immunogenic cancer cell death, like an antigenless vaccine. Proprietary viruses developed by NousCom are de-targeted from their natural receptors and re-targeted to surface tumor antigens to selectively infect and kill cancer cells, causing immunogenic cell death, recruitment of T cells at the tumor site and reactivation of T cells in the tumor micro-environment. This next generation of oncolytic viruses can be delivered systemically, and as such can be appropriate for multiple solid tumor indications. Additionally, they can be “armed” by encoding immunomodulatory molecules to potentiate the anti-tumor effect.

Research and GMP Facilities. We have fully-equipped laboratories and privileged access to state-of-the-art scalable GMP manufacturing facility that supports NousCom’s clinical development and its future ability to deliver personalized cancer vaccines to patients.